Where did the name Seminibus come from?

De Seminibus is Latin for “on or concerning seeds.” Since we often describe a vocation as a seed which must be nurtured, it seemed an appropriate name for our seminary eNews Updates. A vocation is a seed which grows in a seedbed of grace. The task of the seminary, then, is the cultivation of these seeds, the seeds of His call, so that the seminarians will have the capacity to follow Christ the Redeemer with generous and pure hearts. Cultivating the seeds of a priestly vocation begins with rich soil. The soil of seminary life is fundamentally prayer. The seeds of vocation will collect the dew of the Holy Spirit by engaging daily in mental prayer on the Sacred Scriptures, enlightening the intellect with the Truth, and igniting the will in Divine Love. These seeds will further develop and mature through daily devotions, above all, with fostering a love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, seeking her motherly intercession through the Holy Rosary. All the work of cultivating the seeds of vocation in the rich soil of prayer has one goal: to teach the heart to pray; for the saying is true, that “if the heart doesn’t pray, the lips labor in vain.”