The Noli Timere Award 2021

Bri Campbell Uncategorized

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, we were honored to recognize our first recipient of the newly instituted Noli Timere Award. Amongst the seminarians, formators, sisters, and family, Bob Gallagher accepted this acknowledgment for his great involvement in the Church in Charlotte and St. Joseph College Seminary.

“I know of no other man in the Charlotte Diocese that has done more for the defense of the Faith and brought together in collaboration isolated forces to win as a unified front,” said Father Kauth at Saturday’s ceremony.

The Noli Timere Award was brought to life as the seminary was finishing its first phase of construction. This project is one that took many hands to build, and from that fact grew the desire to recognize those in the diocese who helped make St. Joseph’s a reality through their prayers, hard work, and leadership. The recipients of this award embody the spirit of St. Joseph, who, when delivered the message “Do not be afraid” by the angel, became a courageous and faithful disciple to the Father and His Son. His humble defense and protection of the Holy Family is the example that our seminarians look up to today, and the example which each honoree also exemplifies.

Please watch the video below to see just a few of the ways in which Bob’s faithful and courageous service have spread and defended the faith.

When speaking of this year’s recipient, Father Kauth had to say, “He has fought the fight and has run the race.  I am not suggesting that he is done nor presuming on any crown, but we who are the beneficiaries of his labors can at least say thank you and give what I hope will become by this inaugural bestowal, a noble award which will inspire our young men as they seek to have no fear, but to follow Christ unreservedly.”

As we look forward to the years ahead, we pray in thanksgiving for the gift of Bob Gallagher and his works of service. Without the beautiful involvement of the laity, none of this would be possible.