Seminarians Get Creative During Stay-at-Home Order

Bri Campbell Uncategorized

Last weekend the SJCS seminarians took advantage of Sunday’s freedom from fasting when they engaged in a friendly cooking competition. Each class prepared their most creative cuisine based on some unusual parameters:
  1. Each class drew a slip of paper with the word “pasta” or “dessert.”

  2. Each class was given a “secret ingredient” to incorporate into their dish.

  3. Each class drew slips stating which of the four houses they would cook in.

  4. All classes were given one common ingredient to include in every dish – a small container of mascarpone!
In the pasta vs. pasta competition, it was gnocchi vs. pasta stuffed peppers. The two desserts were Tennessee Whiskey cake vs. a giant Cinnabon stuffed with a cheesecake.
The winners were the Bravos with their gnocchi dish and the Deltas with their Tennessee Whiskey Cake. But perhaps the real winners were Fr. Kauth, Fr. Buettner, Fr. Reid, Dr. Llewellyn, and Anthony del Cid who judged the competition.