A Note of Welcome from our Rector

Dear Friends in Christ,

My name is Fr. Matthew Kauth, and I am the Rector of St. Joseph College Seminary. Whether you are a young man drawn by Christ to discern your vocation or someone just wanting to know about seminary life, you have come to the right place. This website offers a wealth of information on topics ranging from “Why do we need a college seminary in our diocese?” to questions about seminary formation, the spiritual life, and signs of a vocation. St. Joseph College Seminary is a minor seminary in which college-age men in our diocese who desire to take that first step to discern more concretely a vocation to the priesthood undergo their first four years of instruction and formation.

We created this site to answer many of the questions you may already be asking: Am I really being called to the priesthood? Am I worthy? What’s it like in seminary? Will I fit in? How do I apply? It is understandable that you have questions. The most fundamental question that must be asked by every man is: “For what life did God create me?”

Men in our seminary attend traditional college classes at Belmont Abbey College, where they major in Philosophy and minor in Latin. In addition, they attend classes with our formators at St. Joseph College Seminary – classes like Sacred Liturgy, Pillars of the Catechism, Church History, and Theories in Sacred Music. As you would expect, our seminarians also spend a great deal of time in prayer. The men live together in the seminary and follow a “rule of life” that includes daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Liturgy of the Hours, spiritual direction, sports, and much more. Seminary is for men who are serious about Christ and not too serious about themselves. When I was in seminary, I met some of my closest friends because the finest friends are those who share the common life of discipleship. We serve the same King and are knit up in bonds of fellowship greater than mundane interests. Yet to be a “part” of something and not “whole” unto oneself requires a certain death to self.

To form the men that might one day be entrusted with Christ’s priesthood is no small task. The priests of the Diocese of Charlotte do not “outsource” their responsibility of being a father and mentor to our own. The vocations that are born here are formed here, close to their families and bishop, under the careful watch of our own faithful parishioners.

While we have very high expectations of the men who are accepted at St Joseph College Seminary, no one enters as the man that will emerge. It requires courage, good humor, and a determined will to follow Christ at whatever price, short of losing Him. He who loses his life finds it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about St. Joseph College Seminary.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Matthew Kauth, S.T.D., Rector

What is a rector?

The role of a rector is essentially that of a father of a family. In this case, however, the family is a supernatural one. Thus, the rector provides not simply for the material needs of the seminarians but also for their life of grace. He at once directs the running of the house, setting it in order and seeing to its execution, but also for the mentoring of the men entrusted to his care. He is to instruct by word and example what it is to live a priestly life, that is, a life lived completely for Christ.
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