Project Progress

We are happy to announce that we are currently under contract for land! The stretch of land we are working to obtain is actually two connected parcels straddling the municipalities of Belmont and Mt. Holly, just west of Charlotte. The Belmont parcel is 36 acres, and the Mt. Holly parcel is 50 acres. Both parcels are fully wooded, and the property is located just 1.5 miles from Belmont Abbey―perfectly suited for our needs. With 86 acres total, there is plenty of space to not only build, but also to expand for any growth God may entrust to us in the future. Currently we are working with Belmont and Mt. Holly for the necessary steps of zoning, topographical mapping, soil sample testing, and reorienting our original building designs to fit the landscape. If all the testing and configuring goes as planned over the coming months, we hope to close on this property in August of 2017. We then begin aggressively pursuing our fundraising goals. With sixteen men in formation, the need is urgent! How soon we can begin building the permanent home of St. Joseph College Seminary is up to you!

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