St. Joseph College Seminary is grateful for the support of the Knights of Columbus and proud to serve alongside them at liturgical events throughout the state. Both fraternities are formed in the faith and share a strong sense of commitment to their vocation. For a young man new to our college seminary, the Knights are the first to welcome them into formation. They are present throughout their four years. They are there to encourage them as to move on to major seminary, the diaconate, and ultimately ordination.

Shared Fraternal Bonds & Commitment to Christ

St. Joseph College Seminary share a special relationship with the Knights of Columbus. Throughout the state of North Carolina they can be seen serving side by side during Holy Week, Eucharistic Congress, and important liturgical feasts. 

The Four Pillars:
Forming the Entire Man

St. Joseph College Seminary offers formation designed to improve vocational awareness and prepare seminarians for entrance into the Theologate. Our young men pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from Belmont Abbey College, while seminary formators provide the human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral resources they will need as priests.

“Before the men have known them, before they ever step foot in the seminary, the Knights of Columbus were are there for them, preparing a place for them and helping me to welcome them in. It’s tremendous.”


Each year the Knights of Columbus extend a warm welcome to  new and returning seminarians with a special dinner and much-needed gifts of support and supplies for the academic school year.


Side by Side
in Service

The Knights of Columbus and St. Joseph Seminarians are often seen working side by side in service to our Lord and the faithful of North Carolina. 


R.S.V.P. Support
for Seminarians

As the strong right arm of the church, Knights of Columbus fuel the faith by providing moral, financial, and spiritual support to seminarians at all stages of their formation.

"I’ve been a 4th-Degree Knight since I came out of seminary, and part of it was because the Knights were always there when I was a seminarian to support us. One of their main missions is to support the holy priesthood  and those preparing for the priesthood. The Knights of Columbus were for me a great resource but also a great witness on what it means to care for these young men."


We Welcome the Support of the Knights

Specifics of how to donate and competition between the councils are still to be determined.