Following in the Footsteps of St. Joseph the Worker

Bri Campbell Uncategorized

The work of a seminarian is never finished.

This summer, as many students return to their hometowns and families, seven of the St. Joseph College seminarians are electing to stay behind at their school – the newly erected St. Joseph College Seminary located at 22 Arctus Avenue.

These men will be living in the seminary over their summer break – about 8 weeks – as they participate in the St. Joseph’s Workers program. Those involved spend the summer months contacting parishes and individuals who may be interested in hiring them to complete a multitude of tasks and projects. The work they do varies though most jobs consist of manual labor such as painting, landscaping, and building. Other jobs fall on the spiritual side – like helping with summer catechetical programs at local parishes


While a seminarian is out exercising himself in service, manual labor, or spiritual fatherhood, at the end of the day he gets to come home to an oasis of fraternity and continued formation. Not only does the seminary offer familiar and convenient accommodations, but it also provides an opportunity for brotherhood rooted in Christ and His will. For those involved, the first week of the St. Joseph’s Workers program consists of doing manual labor around the seminary itself so they can work off the cost of room and board for a summer spent living there.

This summer of working yields more than just the profits of a seasonal job, it also puts to use the muscle that is built throughout the school year. While working intensely on the pillars of service and daily prayer, we are reinforcing the building blocks that create a good man, one that reflects the virtue of our patron, St. Joseph. The men partaking in this opportunity will leave with experiences of serving their communities that one day, God-willing, they will return to for another form of service: as a shepherd leading his flock, a man ordained in the priesthood.