Save the Date:
The Next Quo Vadis Days is
June 14-18, 2021

Quo Vadis Days is a five-day vocations discernment camp for young men held at Belmont Abbey College. The camp includes talks by local priests, seminarians, and laity on the vocations to the priesthood, marriage, and fatherhood.
“Our seminarians play a central role in Quo Vadis Days. They lead small groups and answer questions such as, ‘What was your discernment process like?’ ‘What is seminary like?’ ‘Do you like it?’ and ‘What are the difficulties?’ Hearing the perspective of an 18 or 19-year-old seminarian close to their age can be really helpful.”
Fr. Jason Barone, Vocations Promoter for St. Joseph College Seminary

Quo Vadis Days

Quo Vadis Days is a weeklong discernment retreat for men ages 15-19, helping them answer the question, “What is God’s Plan for my life?” Participants hear talks from and get to know current seminarians and priests and find out what life in the seminary and priesthood are really like. Most of our current seminarians first attended Quo Vadis Days. Now the help other young men discover how God is calling them.

What is God’s Will
For Your Life?

Each person’s intended state in life has been designed by God. For most, that means marriage. Some Christ calls to dedicate their entire life to Him as a priest or religious. Quo Vadis Days helps young men discern their vocations, with an emphasis on seeking God’s will and maintaining an open heart to the vocation of the priesthood.

Hey, You!
Where Are You Going?

Ultimately, the goal of Quo Vadis Days is to challenge young men to ask the fundamental question “quo vadis?” or “where are you going?” while equipping them with the tools and opportunity to discern God’s will for their lives. About 85 men attended last year, and 18 of our 21 current seminarians once attended Quo Vadis Days.

A Little Prayer.
A Little Jousting?

Quo Vadis Days combines prayer, Mass, reflection, engaging speakers, and Eucharistic Adoration with recreation and community. Participants can meet other young men who are seeking God’s will in their lives and speak with priests and seminarians who have followed God’s call in a very special way.