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Mom of Seminarian Says Son’s Graduation Makes Mother’s Day Even More Special

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There was an intimate bond between the hearts of Jesus and Mary. She delivered Christ and grace into the world when she said ‘yes,’ trusting in God’s plan for her and her Son. So it is with the mother of a seminarian, who relinquishes her son to God – to make His own and to direct according to His purpose – the son whom she carried, delivered, loved, raised, guided, and educated. Tammy Huber understands this bond well. Today, she celebrates Mother’s Day and the graduation of her son Aaron from St. Joseph College Seminary. “I cried when Aaron told me he wanted to enter seminary,” said Tammy. “I was so happy that he had the courage to discern the call he was hearing to the priesthood. I am so proud of the hard work and discernment that he’s done these past few years. The fact that he’s graduating on Mother’s Day makes it an even more special day for me.” Aaron says becoming a priest has been on his heart and mind for as long as he can remember. The call became stronger during his junior year in high school, but was eventually put on the back burner as he decided to “go to college four years, graduate with a degree, and continue on with life.” That changed after talking with Fr. Christopher Gober, Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Charlotte, during his sophomore year at Belmont Abbey College. “I realized this was actually happening, this college seminary,” said Aaron. “What I didn’t realize, was that St. Joseph would be so perfect for me. Living here while in college seminary, I have been able to receive so many things from the Diocese, and it only encourages me more to give back. I’m giving my life if I go all the way through, God willing.” Tammy agrees. “It was comforting for me to know that Aaron was discerning his vocation at a college seminary and not in a traditional college setting,” she reflects. “It allowed him to have fewer distractions to enable him to hear what God was calling him to.” Staying local had other benefits. “It was nice having Aaron close by so that when he did have a break, he could come home,” Tammy said. “We could also go see him while he was serving at various parishes in the Diocese and at Solemn Vespers.” Tammy has seen Aaron grow spiritually and in character since he entered seminary. “One of the biggest changes I’ve seen is that living a very ordered, simple life has brought him a lot of clarity and peace,” she said. “He’s very focused on what he is doing and where he is headed.” Where he’s headed next is Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he will continue his formation in the priesthood. “I’m very happy for Aaron as he moves on to major seminary and to becoming a priest,” said Tammy. “He is so happy and doing what he feels called to do. As a mother, what more could I want?” Tammy and her husband, Eric, have nine children. “We have always prayed for the vocations of each of our children, and we’ve always talked with them about being open to a vocation to the religious life,” said Tammy. She feels the best way to support a son feeling called to the priesthood is to encourage them every step of the way. “They will need your love and support, and especially your prayers.” We wish a blessed Mother’s Day to the mothers of all of our seminarians. By offering their sons and their prayers, they share in the motherhood of the Holy Church, whose example and fulfillment is found in the Blessed Mother of our Lord.

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