2 Things You’ll Find in Every Seminarian’s Pocket

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Cultivating the seeds of a priestly vocation begins with rich soil. And the soil of seminary life is fundamentally prayer. That’s why, whether you see a seminarian wearing his “crest attire” on campus or his House Cassock at Mass, you’ll always find two things in his pocket– a Rosary and the Vade Mecum. Both are …

St. Joseph: Our Patron and Protector

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Protector. Provider. Righteous. Obedient. Compassionate. Humble. Foster Father of Jesus. Most Chaste Spouse. For a man who appears very little in the Gospels, St. Joseph is one of the most beloved and all-encompassing saints. Who was this silent paragon, and why is he the patron of our seminary? The Real St. Joseph: Holiness and Strength …

Dying for the Truth:
John Fisher and Thomas More

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The early 16th century was a tumultuous time, with England’s King Henry VIII divorcing his wives and Germany’s Martin Luther dissenting from the Church. But, difficult times produce great heroes. The Outspoken Priest and the Tactful Politician John Fisher was a bishop, cardinal, theologian, and chancellor of Cambridge. He received a papal dispensation to enter …

All Seminarians Get At Least Two As:
Augustine and Aquinas

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Seminarians at St. Joseph’s College Seminary major in Philosophy, and their studies extensively cover the two greatest influences of Catholic Theology – St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. God’s Grace Swooping Down Augustine, a fourth century Bishop, spent a rebellious childhood avoiding his mother’s Christian influence. As a young man he even joined Manichaeism, a …

A New Website for our New College Seminary

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Now that we’ve broken ground on our new college seminary, we think it’s a great time to launch a new website as well! Our new site provides guidance and resources for those discerning a vocation, but also great information for future seminarians, their families, and the parishioners who will be praying for them. Here are …

The Diocese of Charlotte: A Bastion of Catholicism in the South

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The South is generally known as Protestant territory, but this stereotype is becoming increasingly inaccurate, particularly in the Diocese of Charlotte. While many can vividly remember a time when Catholics in North Carolina were persecuted for their beliefs, the Catholic population of our Diocese has grown immensely since Blessed Pope Paul VI first established the …