The Biggest Life Lessons We Learned in Our First Semester of Seminary

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With their first semester under their sashes, we asked our seminarians what was the greatest life lesson they learned during semester one of seminary. Here are their responses!

____________ “I would say the biggest life lesson I learned is that a well-ordered daily routine and schedule is extremely beneficial to all aspects of your life. If you have a schedule including all the necessities of a good Christian life and commit yourself to it, you will find your daily life runs much smoother and involves less stress. After a period of time it will become integral to your day and will be hard to break from and you will find comfort in the balance and routine that it brings to your life.” ____________ “The most important life lesson I have learned in my first semester of seminary is that learning is actually fun! I have grown to love learning about my faith through all my classes, but even outside of class I love to just pick up any textbook and start learning about history or physics. This semester has taught me to simply love learning even if it is not for a grade or job.” ____________ “I’ve learned to value a life that is very organized. When we have breaks and I don’t have a schedule I really miss it.” ____________ “What I have learned the most in this semester is the fact that sometimes you will need to adjust your desires for the good of the whole. You will need to address that tension when it comes up. A little discussion can go a long way, rather than letting something slowly boil into a difficult situation.” ____________ “That after having a rough day, being with the Lord is very pleasing.” ____________ “The greatest life lesson that I have learned over the past semester is the importance of having a schedule and of keeping a routine. This is essential to growing in the spiritual life because without a schedule, a seminarian and even a priest will grow lazy with his prayers and studies, losing his fervor to save souls. I always notice that I am always happier and more fulfilled whenever I have something to do because as men, we need something to keep us busy, else we will grow lazy and depressed. That is why organizing one’s day is so important because it forces us to keep ourselves accountable for our prayers and for our work as spiritual brothers and fathers. That’s been for me the greatest life lesson.” ____________ “The biggest life lesson that I learned this semester in seminary is that I am not the good person I thought I was. I am prideful and selfish, but that never drew me to despair. I discovered the confidence that comes with trusting Divine Providence.” ____________

Please pray for these young men as they begin semester two!

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