Divine Fatherhood

There once was a man who was asked to do the impossible; he was commanded to abandon his fear and assume the sublime task of Divine fatherhood.

The Diocese of Charlotte, under the patronage of St. Joseph, has chosen to erect a college seminary in response to the cultural and societal decay of our age. The formation of a seminary is, first and foremost, the formation of fatherhood. Culture is created by worship. The highest form of worship is the Holy Mass, and the Mass requires holy priests. Priests, however, are formed by first forming men.

It has ever been God’s will to reveal power in weakness, light amidst encroaching darkness, and courage in the face of insurmountable odds. To engage in the battle for the human heart, our young men must have courageous and sacrificial hearts. They must have a lion’s heart, the heart of St. Joseph.

These young men will one day guard and guide God’s people to their true home.