A New Website for our New College Seminary

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Now that we’ve broken ground on our new college seminary, we think it’s a great time to launch a new website as well! Our new site provides guidance and resources for those discerning a vocation, but also great information for future seminarians, their families, and the parishioners who will be praying for them. Here are five things we hope you’ll notice when you visit our site:
  1. We’re a college seminary for the diocese of Charlotte…not just the city of Charlotte. Our seminarians come from parishes throughout the entire diocese, and, God willing they are ordained, will return here to serve after ordination.
  2. There’s no straight path to college seminary. God calls each of us in different ways as you will witness in the discernment stories of our seminarians, found on our Discernment page.
  3. Life in college seminary is fun… The smiles and fraternity you see on our site is real.
  4. …but we take formation very seriously. We follow the guidelines of the Program of Priestly Formation and offer the best formators we think you’ll find anywhere – the priests of our own diocese.
  5. We need your prayers and support. We pray for the parishioners of our diocese every day. We’d like to ask that you pray for us as well.
But we’re not done! Over the next few months, we’ll be adding and updating more content about the college seminary, including:
  • Resources for parents
  • The education and vocation stories of our formators
  • How our seminarians are most looking forward to serving the diocese
  • The fears and questions seminarians have prior to entering
  • Stories from seminary supporters
  • And what Noli Timere means to each of us personally.
We hope our new website helps you understand and value the unique mission of St. Joseph College Seminary. More than that, we pray it helps you look more closely at your own vocation and how the Lord is calling you to be what he made you to be. Click here to visit our new site now. Pax Christi.

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